Malaysia is the official website of the Malaysian government, providing comprehensive information on various aspects of the country. The website serves as a valuable resource for citizens, businesses, and tourists, offering relevant updates, news, and services. It features sections dedicated to government agencies, policies, initiatives, and key national issues. Users can access a wide range of government services, such as visa applications, business registrations, and tax filing. The website also promotes transparency by displaying government publications, reports, and financial information. With its user-friendly interface and informative content, aims to facilitate public participation, promote efficiency, and foster collaboration between the government and its citizens.

Between China and India, Malaysia was an ancient trading place. When Europeans came to this area, Malacca became an important trade port.

Before the name Malaysia was adopted, the country also considered calling itself Langkasuka, which was the name of one of the ancient kingdoms of the Malay Peninsula.

Malaysia has 65,877 kilometers of highway roads in all, which is even greater than the circumference of the Earth (40,075 kilometers).

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