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Websites from responsible businesses rise to the top of our search results.

Our search algorithm is not clouded in secrecy. On the contrary, we openly declare the main feature and motivation of our search algorithm. 

How it works

Use Blumble as your Search Engine

Switch from Google to Blumbe as your main day-to-day search engine.

Transparent Search Algorithm

Our search algorithm supports & rewards websites based on the positive impact they have on the world.

Promote Corporate Responsibility

Your use of Blumble as a search engine rewards websites for having ownership that cares about corporate responsibility.

Support Your Country

Make Blumble your country's search engine!
Support websites that are owned by socially responsible businesses.

Our Timeline

Blumble is still in its initial pre-launch phase. We are working hard behind the scenes to make Blumble a success!

Blumble will officially launch on July 1st, 2021


What our staff says

Our Search Algorithm

Find out exactly how our search algorithm works! Normally search engines shroud their algorithm in great secrecy in order to make it difficult for bad actors to not ‘game’ the algorithm. We openly declare how to rank higher in our search results! Be a more responsible business to rank higher.

Share Blumble with your friends and family!

Let your friends and family know that there is a great alternative to Google search.​

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Blumble is the search engine with a search algorithm that rewards socially responsible websites.