Blumble lets you see security & reputation info of a website before you visit it.

Browse the web more safely by only visiting websites that score high on our website safety & reputation score card.

Website Safety Score

For most search results, Blumble will show you if we believe a website is safe, somewhat safe, or unsafe. This will make it easier to quickly determine if you should visit the website or if it would be better to give that site a miss. 

What info can you see on Blumble Search Results?

Safety Score Card

See all vital info about each website in one place.

Website Location

Know exactly in which country a website is hosted in.

Encryption Status

Know if a website is properly encrypted with SSL.

Site Rank

See the exact rank of a website. The better the rank, the more popular the website is.

Site Age

See precisely how old a website is. Generally the older the better.

Owner Info

Quickly find out information about the owner and administrator of the website.

What our staff says

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Blumble is the search engine that lets you see website reputation & security info.