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The Search Engine that rewards responsible businesses.

By switching your search engine to Blumble, you’ll be joining people from around the globe who believe companies should be socially & environmentally responsible. 

Our Mission

The Blumble Team

Many people believe that a business can only be defined as successful if its sole purpose is profits. We disagree. At Blumble we believe that a business’s success is defined by the positive impact it has on our planet. 

Blumble exists for the sole purpose of making it easy for people to support businesses that act responsibly towards our planet with a clear sustainable vision of the future. 

By using Blumble as your search engine you will see websites that are owned by socially conscious companies rank higher in search results than their competitors. 

Blumble was founded by 2 friends in 2020

1 %
powered by wanting to change the world

We envision a world where businesses that balance social & environmental responsibility with profits thrive.

Full-time Employees

Currently four people work on growing Blumble every day.

Meet the Team



Carsten (German) is responsible for PR, Partnerships and Marketing.



Riz (Canadian) is the mastermind behind the scenes that ensures everything works.


Sr. Developer

Alicia (Chinese) is the co-lead developer who works on the User Interface as well as coding additional search engine functionality.


Sr. Developer

Sam (Chinese) is the other co-lead developer who makes sure our servers are always up and that the site runs smooth as butter!

Our Remote Team

We have an amazing team of freelancers from around the world!

Our Timeline

Blumble is still in its initial pre-launch phase. We are working hard behind the scenes to make Blumble a success!

Blumble will officially launch on July 1st, 2021

"We wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone in the world to make a positive impact on the world. Blumble was born from the idea that everyone can make a difference."

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Blumble is the search engine with a search algorithm that rewards socially responsible websites.