Blumble actively monitors website security & reputation data.

Our search algorithm is not clouded in secrecy. On the contrary, we openly declare the main features of our algorithm. 

How do we determine what security & reputation data to include?

People have varying degrees of awareness of how to browse the internet safely. Each person’s level of understanding on how to determine if a website is safe to visit is different. 

Oftentimes it is very hard to tell whether a website poses a security risk or reputation problem. This is where we try to help people make more informed decisions.

Site Encryption

Country Site is Located

Site Privacy Policy

Site Age

Site Ownership Info & Admin Contact

Site Safety & Reputation Score Card

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Just like Google Search, Blumble is a search engine. For most searches it will be hard to notice a difference between Blumble and Google search results. 

The reason that the search results are fairly similar in quality is because Blumble’s core search index is powered by Microsoft Bing Search.

Yes, absolutely!

Generally you will notice little difference between your Google and Blumble search results. 

The only difference is that Blumble search results show additional information for most websites that relate to website security and reputation.

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Blumble is the search engine that lets you see website reputation & security info.